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Designing your home

You may be considering building your dream home and/or renovating. Perhaps you want apartments designed so that you can earn that extra cash from the need for housing in Barbados Island plans can design the drawings

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Stock Plans

A stock plan is a plan - whether house, garage or pool etc that was previously created by a designer that will typically be resold multiple times. There are a number of positives of stock plans. Generally, they are more affordable than a custom plan.

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3D Designs

Island Plans offers competitive, high quality 3d solutions for clients - both businesses and home owners. We can produce 3D renders of elevations (external parts of the building) and the interior. We have have always found that 3d offers communication

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Are you a home designer and you need some assistance with getting a project finished. Choose Island Plans! Outsourcing to Island Plans means that you free your time up to focus on time-intensive projects. We will communicate with you

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Glimpse of Island Plans

Island Plans is a home designing business on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Despite originating on a small island, we have shown that we can have big ideas. We truly believe in the concept of team and can connect you to someone who can assist you in this process of building your home, apartment or renovating!

Our Vision

Island Plan’s vision is to be a business that continuously strives to improve. Improvement for our customers is based on designs becoming more creative and satisfying their individual needs as well as their families. We are confident that continuous improvements for the customer will result in profitability.

Our Mission

Island Plan’s objective is to meet our customer’s expectations wholistically. In addition, we desire that our family, friends and staff support us through any challenges and likewise share in our success.

Client Testimonials
As a builder, the beauty of the house compliments the structural integrity of the home. Island Plans has designed some of the most attractive houses we have seen, in the decade we have been in the construction industry. When we have queries, they respond quickly.

- Jan
Bradvin's Enterprises Inc
Some home designers don't pay attention to your budget. A business colleague told me to call Island Plans. I told Island Plans my budget and they designed to minimize the possibility of the house being over budget. At the end I felt like they made my dream a reality.

- Wren